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New Build Homes: Key Design Considerations to Keep in Mind

Planning to build a new home is a uniquely rewarding experience, helping to create the house you’ve always dreamed of. Before beginning the process, however, it’s essential to consider the different design elements and why they are important to successfully creating your ideal home. In this article, you can learn more about the aspects you should consider.

Location: The Area for You

Before starting to design your newly built home, you need to find the perfect area for you and your family. Each family has their own set of needs, as well as an ideal location to live in, so it can be beneficial to determine where yours might be early on. Some people work in urban areas and prefer to live closer, while others want to escape the everyday hustle and bustle by moving out into the countryside.

Essential Features

Everyone has their own unique set of non-negotiables when it comes to new build home designs. For some, it has to have several bathrooms, while for others it could be a sizable utility room. The great thing about designing your own home, therefore, is the full freedom to add in as many notable features as you might like. In this section, we will suggest some great additions to any custom-built property, helping you determine what you’re particularly looking for. 

Wet Room

Bold and stylish, wet rooms can be a fantastic addition to any home. These rooms are designed to be entirely waterproof, with appliances and features attached directly to the flooring and walls. The room will have a drain in one place, allowing the water around the room to flow directly in. This means you can shower and bathe freely, without the worry of water damaging your furniture if it splashes elsewhere. Wet rooms are also easier to clean, with clean products and dirt being easily washed away. 

Mudroom with Basins

For mucky paws and adventurous little ones, mudrooms can be excellent for your new build. These are wonderful for stopping mud from escaping into the rest of your home, which is particularly important for homes with carpets. In your mudroom, we would also recommend adding a basin, excellent for washing off dirty shoes and showering muddy pups. 

Building Materials

When designing your new home, it’s vital to consider the building materials that will be used. While aesthetically pleasing, certain materials might not be right for every use. Choosing the wrong materials can lead to incredibly costly replacements, destroying the idyllic feel of your new home. In this section, we’ll cover some of the factors you should consider when selecting materials to help you make the right choice the first time.


Before selecting a building material, it’s important to consider its strength and what it might be able to withstand. Any materials you select need to be strong enough to support weight, including any flooring you select, particularly if you’re choosing heavy pieces of furniture to sit on top. A skilled contractor can typically recommend quality materials that can support even the heaviest of appliances, so make sure to seek expert advice before choosing.


Nothing could be worse than selecting your dream flooring, only for it to become distorted or damaged after a short time. To prevent this from happening, consider the durability of any potential material during the design process. For example, hardwood flooring is generally unsuitable for use in bathrooms and other wet areas, as it can absorb moisture which wears the protective layer down. Instead, opting for hardwearing tiles that are waterproof can provide an aesthetically pleasing yet functional solution, meaning you won’t need to sacrifice style.

Lighting and Outlets

When designing your home, one of the decisions to make is determining where your lighting and plug sockets should be located. In this section, we’ll cover what factors should be considered when finding the right places for your lighting and plug sockets to be located.


In your home, the placement of your windows will have an impact on how the space is at any given time. Depending on the seasons too, the light will shift and change considerably. If the light will disrupt you from sleeping or from working, it may be worthwhile to make some adjustments. Consider adding in blackout blinds, which can prevent you from being disturbed when you don’t want to be. 

Artificial Lighting

As an important part of any home, artificial lighting is used to light up spaces in the evening. Artificial lights can refer to both the main ceiling light as well as feature lights found in the home. When designing your home, it can be useful to consider where these types of lights might go. Try including lighting in unusual areas that could benefit from lights, such as under your upper kitchen cupboards for cosy nighttime cooking and backlighting your bathroom mirror to see your face more easily. 

Plug Socket Placements

With technology being so integral to our daily lives, we must have places to charge or power these appliances and devices. Plug sockets are used to connect devices to power, ensuring that we can go about our task with the comfort and reassurance of reliability. When designing your new build, consider where the plug sockets will be fitted to ensure you have reliable sources of power throughout your home. Try adding in a media wall, for example, which can provide the power you need while hiding away unsightly wiring.

Layout and Floor Plans

Any new home design needs to be carefully planned out, however, this is particularly true when it comes to newly built homes. The floor plans are incredibly important, so read on to find out the top things you should consider before settling on the final layout of your new home.

Design Functionality

Often, your dream design might not work practically in reality. It’s important to pay attention to the opening of doors, including wardrobe doors, to see whether they may interfere with other pieces of furniture being opened. Will your oven door knock into your cupboard, for example, making it impossible to fully open? By making a mock-up of how your design might look, you should get a sense of how the doors and furniture will interact with one another.

Planning the Layout

The layout of your home should be carefully designed to work optimally for you and your family, which is why there are a few things to consider. Some rooms work better when they are paired with another one. Kitchens and dining rooms, for example, are typically on the same floor and close to one another to make transporting plates back and forth easier.

Outdoor Space

New build home designs are not limited solely to the interiors. Any outdoor space for your property will also need designing, from the plants to large features. Read on to discover more about the certain parts you should consider when designing the garden of your new home. 


Before anything else, it’s vital to consider which plants and shrubs you might like to add to your outdoor space. Shrubs can be wonderful for sectioning out a garden in a natural way, while aesthetically adding to your garden’s design. Grassy areas can be wonderful for children and pets to play on, providing a soft surface for any falls or tumbles. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer artificial grass, which is easier to clean and maintain than its natural alternatives.

Hard Landscaping

In most gardens, there will be some form of artificial feature that has been added to make the space more functional. This process is known as hard landscaping, using solid materials to improve the green space. Try adding a pool to your garden with the help of professional landscaping experts, for a touch of luxury. With a newly built home, you have full freedom to design your green spaces as you might like.

How Contractors Can Help

If you’re looking to realise your dream home, new-build contractors can be instrumental in both functional and practical designs. Using their lengthy experience, expert contractors can provide advice and guidance on your home designs, ensuring that your perfect home can become a reality.  

As experts in new build developments, our team at Christie’s Carpentry & Construction can assist you with designing your new home. From new builds to hard landscaping, we have a range of services available, designed to help our customers feel confident in the construction of their new space. Visit our website to learn more about us and our services, or please get in touch with us directly for further support.

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